1. A Million Miles Away
    29 Jun, 2018
    A Million Miles Away
    It’s been a while since I have written… anything really! I have excellent excuses. And can back them up with evidence and testimony. However, they are poor excuses for someone who loves to write or needs to write. I’ve moved. Not just to a new house or new area but to another country - as far as you can possibly get from my home country. In fact, it’s so far that you can’t get any further without turning around and be coming back. I took the plunge, the long plunge and moved from the UK to New
  2. Exercising Mind and Body
    02 Aug, 2017
    Exercising Mind and Body
    Anyone who sits to work for long periods of time will know that it can be detrimental to your health. There are ways to combat stiffness, repetitive stress injuries and a numb butt with regular stretch and get up and move breaks, or if you’re a driver stopping for a cuppa. However, long periods of inactivity will take its toll in the long run. I have this habit of eating my way through writers block and an aching back. Often disappearing an entire packet of biscuits in a few short minutes. I
  3. 21 Jun, 2017
    Visionary Fiction – Finding My Genre
    As a writer, it is almost impossible to pin down, nail down, drill down exactly what your book is about. Well this has been my predicament. Don’t get me wrong - I know my story, I know it intrinsically, I know it intricately, in fact I know it better than anyone – it’s in my head and most importantly my world. But being this close to it does not allow me to objectively tell you what its essence is and which genre it belongs - because it’s multifaceted. Being so close was the problem so I stood
  4. The Power Of A Story
    28 Mar, 2017
    The Power Of A Story
    The Power of a Story “The Pen is mightier than the sword” (Edward Bulwer-Lytton 1839) this statement alone resonates its own power, it implies that the written word can do more damage than a weapon of destruction. If you have ever wielded a sword you may think differently but it’s not about physical damage it’s deeper than that. Psychological damage, emotional damage can be far more destructive. However, on the flip side, the written word can be motivational, inspirational and heal rather than
  5. Friends versus Acquaintances- Why I love my 'cyber' friends
    14 Dec, 2016
    Friends versus Acquaintances- Why I love my 'cyber' friends
    Friends versus Acquaintances “When you grow up you will be able to count your real friends on one hand” I was told as a child, when friends were not in short supply. I remember finding this hard to believe, I mean, just about the whole year group were my friends and the whole class were my best friends! (or Squad as I am now told they are referred to as). Unfortunately that was along time ago. Now when I look back at old school photographs, if I’m being honest, I struggle to remember their
  6. Don't Worry Contestants- I've Got Your back!
    29 Nov, 2016
    Don't Worry Contestants- I've Got Your back!
    Don’t Worry Contestants- I’ve Got Your Back! Do you ever get that uncomfortable feeling, right down low in the pit of your stomach? Unless you are non- human you probably have. The feeling can be a likened to the moment you realise your wallet is missing from your pocket, or the look on someone’s face when you just accidentally insulted them. Either way it’s uncomfortable for a reason. Well I find I have been having that feeling quite often recently, in an empathetic way. As a teacher we were
  7. Mind Your P's and Q's Please- Thank You
    24 Nov, 2016
    Mind Your P's and Q's Please- Thank You
    In business, everyday I’m reminded that we live in a cruel, cold world where being caring is a sign of weakness. I hear the mantra- ‘it’s a fight to be top dog’ - ‘you can only achieve your goals by pushing hard and shouting for it’ and ‘unless you act tough you will be walked all over’. How awful, depressing and stressful this sounds! I wish I could say that I’m exaggerating but unfortunately, reality proves otherwise. As a parent one thing I have tried to imprint on my children is resilience.